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About Helen

“Good interior design should feel as natural as a landscape; a space you can settle into. When you look around you should see things that make you happy… a beautiful painting, colors that please you, a well turned carving on a carefully chosen table or chair.”  


There is something special about a space be it modern or traditional when finished with the eye of an artist. Helen has always enjoyed sketching, painting and more recently ceramics. A Manhattan native Helen grew up spending weeks of the summer in Europe and  in Holland where her father was born. At twelve the discovery of early Piet Mondrian at the Gemeente Museum in the Hague helped her understand the artist’s development from traditional landscape artist to his lines and squares. Most childhood summers were spent on a gentleman’s cattle farm in upstate New York with rolling fields and gardens filled with zinnias. Tulips and zinnias are her favorite flowers.


 At Wellesley she majored in art history and her extensive understanding of antiques and design developed while working for The Cooper Hewitt Museum, Philip Colleck of London Antiques, Sotheby’s and Doyle Galleries.  When working on a design project Helen uses her broad background in the decorative arts to edit and transform your living space.


For Helen the magic of a room is not in expensive fabrics but the right balance of color, textures and placement of furnishings. A room comes alive with the impact of an oil painting. A charming collection of unique objects tells a story about the inhabitants.  The ingredients in a room should have subtle connections with each other born from their shared history of design.


Each project and each client has a vibe.  How do they want to live? What is most important? What are their colors? How to weave that into their surroundings to create an almost subliminal sense of comfort?  Let her show you how!

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