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Beach Ave. Parlor 


"Helen did a great job coming up with terrific ideas that helped me upgrade my whole house.  She maximized the impact of the project by leveraging pieces I already had so we could spend money where it really counted.  One of the biggest wins was when she realized that a carpet in the guest bedroom would work perfectly in the living room.  No one else had ever seen that connection before!  This idea became the launch point for redefining the whole living room with new wall color, window treatments and upholstery.  I adore my new living room, and never would have achieved this result without Helen's great eye and her openness to new ideas.



Helen took the time up front to understand how I want to live in my house, not just how I want it to look.  She was open to dialogue and combined that input with her expertise in order to provide thoughtful suggestions for colors, materials and decoration. She was equally effective at helping work through a wide range of back-burner needs, from fixing sticky doors to finding the perfect mirror to fit an empty wall. This approach gave me confidence in her recommendations, and made it easy and fun to say "yes" to her ideas."

Suzy Shore - Larchmont Client

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