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The creative Process

When I first meet with a client I love the anticipation of seeing their home and hearing what they want to accomplish. I listen carefully to how they use the space in their home and look for how to answer that need. Is this a temporary fix up with a bigger plan down the line? Decisions will be based on many different pieces of information.


During the initial tour we discuss what is on their ‘wish list” from wanting  a more comfortable living room seating arrangement, reading nook, office hide-away, a bigger coat closet or better layout, powder room, etc. I like to see how the rooms flow together and which spaces should connect seamlessly and which can stand on their own by virtue of use or a door to separate from the household interactions. As I walk around a home I am on alert for interesting pieces they own that can help launch a room and suggest a color scheme.


My job is to absorb their home, their wish list, their dream of what they want to come home to. Once all the material is on my palette I start to paint. The goal is to edit, lighten, refine and by staying classic create a look for the long term that doesn’t immediately date itself.  


I wear my appraiser’s hat as we edit out furnishings and settle on the right balance for the floor plan. If we need to buy pieces I guide my clients through the auction process to find unique items with inherent value.  I become a teacher of decorative arts describing stylistic periods explaining even in our eclectic times, what works well with what so the final combinations make intellectual sense. There is a vast array of contemporary objects on the market which carefully curated can add flair and whimsy to rooms.  It is important not to overdo and edit, edit edit!


I believe in working from the floor up and whether we use vintage carpets or contemporary handmade vegetable dyed pieces, the carpet comes first. In my experience waiting for it costs more as you try to tie your other choices to the flooring after the fact.


Nothing is more fun than introducing clients to the wealth of affordable decorative arts available via auction from mid century furnishings to every other area of decoration including top quality paintings by American and European artists. As a former auctioneer I know how to navigate the auction process and bring transparency to this murky world.


My talented team of painters, carpenters, lighting pros, custom upholsterers, window treatment people are honest and dependable, tried and true.  


Each design project is a journey.  It will be fun, informative and worth the effort.

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