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What we do?

Appraisal Services

What's it worth?

The  purpose of an appraisal is to establish a dollar value for an object in your collection of household tangibles.  There are various types of values that an appraiser can put on an object depending on the purpose of the appraisal.


These are:


  • Fair Market, Insurance or Donation

  • Fair Market Value  (FMV) is the amount you would expect to get if you would sell it at an auction in an open market place with the competition of several buyers. The USPAP definition is" the amount a willing buyer...."

  • This is entirely different from an Insurance Appraisal which is the Replacement Value assigned to an object that if stolen or destroyed would give you enough money to buy a like item through a  retail establishment with a minimum of hassle in a reasonable time frame.


How to establish value

The type of item being appraised will determine how  the appraiser will choose comparables to establish the value. A set of sterling silver flatware made by a company like Tiffany's in a current pattern is relatively easy to apply a replacement value.  If the pattern is no longer made you need to assess how hard it is to find the same pieces through a shop or nationwide search.  Tiffany flatware made in the 1920's weighs more than the same flatware made today.  If monogramed with your grandparents initials the cost of hand engraving of 3 initials on each piece will add considerably to the replacement cost. All of these aspects are considered when an appraiser is asked to prepare an Insurance Appraisal.

Conversely if asked to establish a FMV for the same silver service the appraiser would search through auction results for a Tiffany service with a similar amount of pieces, they would weigh all the pieces in the service and based on the spot price for silver develop a value.  If the set is monogrammed this now works against the value as buyers are less willing to pay for someone else's initials and it is expensive to remove the engraving.

So the same service could be valued $25,000 for Insurance and $8500 for FMV.


When most people they look around their home they do not associate a price with the items they have filled their space with.  The dining furniture they bought when first married, the gifts they received for their wedding, the set of plates Aunt Mary gave them. Our tangibles evolve  with an interest in collecting or receiving an inheritance from grandparents or parents. After years of living with things they are just a part of the house. A family death or divorce suddenly presents the stress of putting current values on these items. At just the time you have too much on your plate you have the daunting task of finding an appraiser and figuring out what to do with a life long assortment of objects.

Fair Market Value

In the industry we call the items "sleepers" 


When it comes to insurance policy or general interest of worth, you're looking for the help of a licensed appraiser.  


- NYU and USPAP certified

-  Produce an IRS ready Estate Appraisal

Discover the worth and value


Research - using established network of 

Online Dealers and collections

- become dated

- authentication

Estate Appraisal


As an executor of an estate /  work with bankers and lawyers 

probate period > 9 months > the IRS requires a appraisal for estates > produce a document

we help families determine what has monetary value vs a perceived value or emotional attachment.  

Through a initial walkthrough or an exchange of images we will help you determine your next steps.  


As an independent appraiser, The Antiques Brokerage House assigns fair market values to collections and can provide guidance on what to keep or sell.

- make sure potential "sleepers" are identified 

my neighbor's daughter had a group of ladies come in and run an "estate sale" at her mothers house, is that what you do? 

No.  Our expertise is identifying items that have unknown value and working with you to get the market vale for those goods.  We will work with you hand in hand to manage the selling or restoration of those pieces.  Estate sales are beneficial once we have worked through our appraisal process to clean out the lower-value goods from the home. 

my other neighbor's daughter had a local auction house come in who offered to pay a lump sum for the contents of the estate?  Is this something I should consider? 

This is a service most local auction homes offer.  However, I work with you to guarantee that you are getting the top price for goods that the auction house may undervalue or overlook.  Keep in mind that their mission is to buy and sell at a profit. 

Selling - Where and how to dispose

In an ever-changing marketplace it can be challenging for individuals to know where to begin when disposing of personal tangibles. 

Our mission is to get you top value for your goods.  

Once the market value of your piece is established - Through our familiarity and understanding auction success, we reach out to our vast network of contacts (regional auction houses, galleries, collectors) to partner your piece with the best business.  

Additionally, we can work with you to negotiate Contract, any applicable Commissions, transaction Fees.

We are also able to help you in coordinating transportation.  

If we conclude that your goods are not at a high enough to warrant sale at a house, we will assist you in marketing your item/s for sale via online or local venus.  

So why our firm when you've got a guy in town who's offered come by.. 

We are not dealers or a shopkeeper with overhead expenses.  We work quickly with you to assist you in completing the transaction.  

We're not looking to buy your property to flip for a profit.  Not a dealer.

Buying - Art Advisory


- Our company offers clients an advantaged way to intelligently purchase art and antiques through auctions and private collections.

- if you're looking for an oil painting to warm up your living room and provide we will help you find an offering of pieces for you 

- better value shopping through auctions than retail 

- the auction process puts you on par with dealers buying inventory for their shop

- past AH employees now running private bus - network of coluges

field agents

- decades of interst observing and studying art history from NYC and abroad refined a _____ aesthetic 

- galleries? 

- why an auction house, not a gallery: when looking 


a proven track record at auction - a valued artist - 

- resale value 

- auction lingo

by artist, school of the artist, attributed, 

condition - why is it at the auction - provenance 

aesthetic integrity 

PITFALLS - caveat emptor - buyer beware - why is somebody selling this

fine and decorative art and furniture - understanding of previous restoration 

liaison - advocate - negotiate

- auction vs. retail store - instant gratification - worth the hold out

budget in mind.  

Our white glove service is with you through the transportation stage to the placement inside your home.

When your ready to continue growing your collection, we'll be ready and excited to work with you again.

repairs - Restoration 

- will be involved in the process / stages of repairs

- images

estimate value / worth 

- broken 

- paintings - conserve paintings - different guys for different types of painting

resources include, not limited to : clock guys, ceramics, leather, silver, 

-  damages - general wear and tear

- refinishing - paint, stain

relationships with restorers

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